About Us


Work Force Services is the leading & highly recommended manpower agency of Nepal, it was established in 2004 under license no. is 172/056/057. Work Force Services is committed to provide a reliable & most trusted recruitment service to the employers. We have been supplying various categories of manpower in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cyprus, Saipan and other government authorized countries from the establishment. We are supplying workers in various countries of different job category according to the personal caliber. Our customers are highly satisfied with our professional services.


Management Team and Personnel of Work Force Services are much talented in their respective areas such as communication, public relation, foreign affairs, knowledge and resources. Our management team has good correspondence with extensive international experience in the field of ‘Foreign Employment Consultant’. It gives more attention to clients’ contentment and satisfaction.

Unless an employer gets the right person, it harms the productivity and can even face loss. We would like to highlight your several prime factors and solutions, which differentiate us from other recruitment agents.

Why choose us ?


The mission of Work Force Services is to supply to varied needs of your clients and provide the best services. We aim to benefit the clients since the manpower available in Nepal are hard working, honest, loyal. They can adapt to adverse climatic conditions and yield effective output.

Work Force Services Pvt.Ltd. envision being successfully in taking the shape of leading manpower recruiting agency worldwide. We aim to deliver highly competent and motivated personnel to overseas employers. We are determinated to further expand company’s operation to reach wider audience and build strong ties with our clients and candidates.

Work Force Services Pvt.Ltd. is determined to recruit best human resources to overseas employer. The main objectives of the company is to legally provide employment opportunities of professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce for overseas employers.

  • Prepare candidates as to meet every requirement of the employer and deliver the right kind of people to right job.
  • Build up healthy and trustworthy relationship between clients, candidates and agency.
  • Improve economically status of the people of Nepal and contribute in overall development of the country through foreign employer


We have our own well-computerized data bank which is up- to- date, accurate and comprehensive. Our agency brings you the exact man you want in almost no time as data helps us to nominate the right person at right time for any kinds of organizations. Information from our data bank history has also helped us to update our service quality.